Lovely Swinging Papasan Chair for Your Cozy Seating Choice

If you find the standard Papasan chair is not enough intriguing to improve your lounge area, then consider handing a swinging Papasan chair instead. Papasan chair, which is also known as bowl chair, became really popular during the 70’s. This chair model is notable for providing a roomy seat space for occupant to sit comfortably, even to curl up in comfort while relaxing in the room.

And just like the standard version, Papasan chair swing also has a seat that rests in an upright frame. Traditionally, the chair is made of rattan. Even so, other materials including sturdy wicker and wood are also commonly used to build a Papasan chair. When you are buying a new one or build a DIY hanging Papasan chair, you need to notice how simple the chair design is. The simplicity, however, leads to the versatile design that allows the chair to adapt to various decor styles.

Usually, the bowl-shaped chair is adjustable so the angle can be adapted following the preference of the user. As for Papasan chair swing, though, the bowl-shaped seat isn’t adjustable but it does not mean it is less comfortable. You can hang the swing chair in any room you like, both indoors and outdoors. The rounded shape makes the chair a friendly option to use in a kid’s room, though. On the other hand, hanging Papasan chair is also a great choice to add interest to your outdoor room, such as porch and deck, without sacrificing comfort.

The Papasan chair now is updated with the more modern flair, and it applies for the hanging chair models. You can notice the main difference from the choice of material. The design is also updated creatively. And if you prefer similar bowl-shaped chair model only in bigger version, consider Mamasan chair as alternative to DIY Papasan chair swing as the first one can even let two persons lounge together.

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