DIY Bathroom Lighting: General Tips to Light Your Lavatory

There are many ideas and inspirations for DIY bathroom lighting you can look up if you prefer to go extraordinary to illuminate the room. With DIY lighting, you can thus benefit from not only function, but also unique appeal that makes your bathroom interior even more interesting in visual. Even so, there are still general aspects applied even if you decide to take a DIY route. Check them out!

In general, even your DIY bathroom lighting ideas can be divided into 2 main lighting types: Task and decorative. Task lighting is lighting for a functional use, such as putting on makeup or shaving. With many lighting fixture types you can find, the ideal choice is those that can illuminate the bathroom interior and provide you amenities and functions to meet your needs.

Vanity mirror lighting is one of task lighting types in bathroom. The light should be the one you can best yourself in so the color you see through mirror is the exact hue you see as you finally step outside, seeing it under sunlight. Don’t install lighting above vanity mirror as it can cast a strong light if you use it to put on makeup. On the other hand, this lighting configuration is ideal to help men groom their five o’clock shadow.

As for decorative lighting, this one can add more fun in the room. With subtle decorative lighting, morning ritual may not feel as bothersome as usual. Decorative lighting for bathroom can also help emphasizing certain mood and feel already established in the room. For example, consider LED light for whirlpool bath to make times spent to soak your poor and tired yourself in warm water more fun and relaxing. Consider equipping the DIY bathroom lighting fixtures installed with dimmer you can also use to set the mood.

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