Awesome Modern Privacy Screen to Isolate Your Home in Style

Stylish modern privacy screen can keep your yard and home shut from those curious eyes, but it is installed not without considering aesthetic appeal. With many design possibilities to explore from an array of materials, you can thus incorporate the privacy screens or fences to your garden for modern flair. Explore the ideas below and stay inspired!

Try horizontal-planked fence! This is one of the hottest trends when it comes to modern privacy screen outdoor. You can explore many fence design possibilities as you can space the planks close or leave enough room for vines to climb. Some designs can even work as a trellis at the same time, depending on where you place the outdoor privacy screen. Another way to add instant visual appeal without overdoing the design is by varying the width of the planks. If the outdoor room has custom-built spa or hot tub, consider the closely-spaced planks instead.

Metal fence is also one popular choice when it comes to modern screen for outdoor space. If your home is built on a sloping area, the corrugated metal fence stair stepping down to follow the slope can make a great match. Add wooden posts for more appeal. Alternatively, you can explore an array of chain link fence slat options to block openings in your fencing while adding the chain link a whole new look.

Do not hesitate to mix materials for more interesting appeal. For example, mix wooden planks and cinder blocks to create a streamlined privacy screen in modern style to keep your home hidden from strangers. Cedar planks can also make a brilliant choice for modern outdoor privacy panels if you wish to hide the chain link without having to alter it permanently, especially if you are renting so you cannot tear the chain link fence down.

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